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Duende is the force that rises up inside, from the soles of the feet. It was such a force Garcia Lorca and Manuel de Falla searched when in 1922 in Granada organized festival Cante Jondo - the deep song. And there are songs in this spirit that the unique singer Annika Skoglund sings on this album, with Love Derwinger which not less engaged fellow musicians. Powerful, energetic, full-blooded, sometimes angrily. But oh so good! Can not listen unmoved to these songs of Montsalvage, de Falla, Granados and Guiridi. 

path Jacobson


International Music Review

"The excellent recording catches every nuance of his well considered readings and the balance between singer and pianist is as perfect as anything else I have heard. Bertil Alving has done it again!"


4/ 5 in Nerikes Allehanda

"But what can a Swedish singer do this very Spanish repertoire? Enormously lot! Classically trained with jazzy background gives Annika Skoglund with pianist Love Derwinger the grassroots art music a genuine expression."

Sten Vistrand


4 /5 in Sydsvenskan

"Annika Skoglund calls her CD with Spanish songs

" Duende. "It's pretentious, but she hardly needs to be ashamed. This delicious Spanish repertoire is Enrique Granados and Manuel de Falla known composers, the other two are Xavier Montsalvatge and Jesus Guiridi.Vid its page, she Love Derwinger, who plays crystal clear and nuanced. Annika Skoglund uses its dark timbre conditioned voice and his sensual feel with full power. melodic, charming and elegant. A combination of empathy and expression. "

Carlhåkan Larsén, Sydsvenskan




Annika Skoglund, a prominent Swedish mezzo soprano is also a jazz singer, much in demand for her uniquely expressive voice. Annika has a strong affinity for the songs of Spain, possibly because of the close links between Spanish music and jazz. 


In a congenial collaboration with pianist Love Derwinger presented here, for the first time in Sweden, four song cycles written by some of Spain's foremost composers and collected under the title Duende.


'Duende is not in the throat, duende is rising up inside, from the soles of the feet. That is, it's not about ability, but about a real living expression; blood, of ancient culture "




Xavier Montsalvatge (1912-2002)

Cinco canciones negras

1. Cuba dentro de un piano 4:38

2. Punto de Habanera (Siglo XVIII) 1:56

3. Chévere 2:15

4. Canción de cuna para dormir a un negrito 3:11

5. Canto negro 1:09


Enrique Granados (1867-1916)

Canciones Amatorias

6. Descubrase el pensamiento 3:55

7. Mañanica era 2:22

8. Llord, corazon, que teneis razon 2:20

9. Mira que soy niña 3:24

10. No lloreis, ojuelos 1:34

11. Iban al pinar 2:21

12. Gracia mia 3:03


Jesús Guridi (1886-1961)

Seis Canciones Castellanas

13. Allá arriba, en aquella montaña 2:34

14. ¡Sereno! 2:30

15. Llámale con el pañuelo 2:24

16. No quiéro tus avellánas 3:51

17. Como quieres que adivine 3:03

18. Mañanita de San Juan 3:33


Manuel De Falla (1876–1946)

Siete Canciones populares Españolas

19. El Paño moruno 1:25

20. Seguidilla murciana 1:23

21. Asturiana 2:39

22. Jota 2:51

23. Nana 1:35

24. Canción 1:08

25. Polo 1:41



Annika Skoglund, mezzo soprano

Love Derwinger, piano


Total playing time: 62 min.

Recorded in Ytterjärna kulturhus Februari 16-19, 2009.

Release: 2010-02-08



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