We are very proud to work with the legendary sound engineer Bertil Alving. He has recorded the famous LP Cantate Domino. One of the worlds most famous audiophile recording.

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"Modern church music of high rank"


"Fredrik Sixten be congratulated for the best possible ensemble CD-fication of its positive sense often spectacular church music."




Fredrik Sixten has quickly established himself as one of Sweden's most prominent contemporary composers. His music is performed constantly around the world.


On this CD is the renowned Mikaeli Chamber Choir with soloists and musicians performing the music by Sixten.




Fredrik Sixten (b. 1962)


1-3. Magnificat

4. Ave Maris Stella

5. Jubilate Deo

6. Tantum Ergo

7. Klappa händer alla folk

8-11. Song of Songs

12. Osanna in excelsis

13. Agnus Dei

14. Psalm 98

15. Let there be



Mikaeli Chamber Choir

Anders Eby, condutor


Frida Jansson, sopran0

Patrik Sandin, baritone


Henrik Alinder organ


Joakim Agnas trumpet I

Mikael Nilsson trumpet II

Axel Sjöstedt trumpet III

Mikael Oskarsson trombone I

Åke Lännerholm trombone II

Mikael Welin Vessberg bass trombone

Christer Palm tuba

Martin Larsson percussion

Mikael Nilsson percussion

Martin Welander percussion


Total playing time: 71 min.

Recorded in Adolf Fredriks church, Stockholm September 2-5, 2010

Release: 2011-03-21