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We are pleased to present the first recording by Rolf Martinsson and Göran Greider St Luke Passion premiered in 2012.
The work presented in its entirety by Gustaf Sjökvist Chamber Choir with soloists and instrumentalists in what was to become one of the conductor Gustaf Sjökvists very last recordings. 

Rolf Martinsson and Göran Greider
Luke Passion Op. 92
Gustaf Sjökvists Chamber
Jeanette Köhn, soprano, Evangelist
Patrik Sandin, baritone, Jesus
Tobias Carron, flute
Pelin Liu, oboe
Beata Söderberg, cello
Ulf Tjärnström, contrabass
Gabriella Sjöström, organ
Anita Wall, reading
Gustaf Sjökvist, conductor

Total running time: 90 minutes. Double CD.
Recorded in Ersta church, Stockholm
14 to 15 April 2014.


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