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The newly built Åkerman and Lund organ in Sundbyberg Church presented by the concert organist Jörgen Lindström. The music is the one that suits the French-inspired romantic instrument best.




Alexandre Guilmant

Sonat nr 6 h-moll
1. Allegro con fuoco 
2. Meditation
3. Fugue-Adagio


César Franck

4. Prière


Louis Vierne

Pièces de fantaisie svit nr 2
5. Lamento 
6. Sicilienne 
7. Hymn au soleil
8. Feux follets 
9. Clair de lune
10. Toccata


Jörgen Lindström, organ


Total playing time: 65 min.

Recorded in Sundbybergs church

Release: 2009-03-09


"One of the best Swedish organ discs recorded in recent years.

Concert organist Jörgen Lindström plays music of three romantic Frenchmen - César Franck, Louis Vierne and Alexandre Guilmant - on the newly built Akerman and Lund organ in Sundbyberg Church. The recording was made of the legendary Bertil Alving. The French romantic organ music combines intimacy with expressive power. and it is precisely Jörgen Lindström's ability to capture this breadth, from the broad dark melodies to bright hopeful themes that make this CD. French organ music has rearly sounded so expressive and vibrant . "

Mikael Bengtsson, Norran


A master's pupil

"How does the younger generation of organ musicians sound, those who have been so affected by Anders Bondeman?

Jörgen Lindström is a good example of regrowth.

The CD Priere he plays at the newly built organ in Sundbyberg church, an organ in the French Romantic school. This article is thus Bach but instead we get French organ romantics who Guilmant, César Franck and Vierne. Most of all, Griffin will probably be a listener of César Franck's slow magnificence Priere, the work which gave name to the disc. "

Lars Landström


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