S:t John Passion

By Fredrik Sixten
Gustaf Sjökvist Chamber Choir / Royal Filharmonic Wind Orchestra / Carl Unander -Scharin, tenor /
Patrik Sandin, bass /Lars Johansson Brissman, bass /Sofia Niklasson, soprano / Ragnar Bohlin, Conductor


By Rolf Martinsson and Göran Greider.
Gustaf Sjökvist Chamber Choir / Jeanette Köhn, soprano / Patrik Sandin, baritone /

Gustaf Sjökvist, conductor

The premiere CD-recording of St. Luke's Passion (Lukaspassionen) is released.

Bach - famous arrangements

Ralph Gustafsson, organ 

A brilliant anthology for the lover of the music by Johann Sebastian Bach. This collection of 13 arrangements from the scores of the great composers encompasses true masterpieces of the transcriber’s art. The transcribers include experts as Dupré, Duruflé, Guillmant, Karg-Elert, Fox and Widor treating the music by Johann Sebastian Bach. Professor Ralph Gustafsson performs the music on the great organ of Maria Magdalena Church in Stockholm

Det handlar om barn

Julia Dufvenius, reading / Patrik Sandin, organ / Rolf Lindblom, piano

Julia Dufvenius reads "Convention about children and snakes" by Ulf Nilsson. A thought-provoking text on children's vulnerability. The text is interspersed with music ranging from Mozart to intimate jazz tones combination organ and piano with Rolf Lindblom and Patrik Sandin.

Crystal music

Rolf Lindblom, piano

The music on this album is written and performed by pianist Rolf Lindblom for an international exhibition of chandeliers in China.


Johan Hammarström, organ

Grand symphonic organ music of four colorful composers. The organist Johan Hammarstrom plays music by Otto Olsson, Marcel Dupré, Sigfrid Karg-Elert and Hugo Alfvén on the great organ in Västeras Cathedral.

Couperin - Messe des Paroisses

Ralph Gustafsson, organ / Ensemble AdHoc

Magnificent French baroque and Gregorian chant. The organist Ralph Gustafsson interprets François Couperin Messe des Pariosses, Parish Mass and Ensemble Adhoc sings Gregorian chant.

Opus 31

Rolf Lindlbom, piano

Ludwig van Beethoven's opus 31 contains three very personal piano sonatas, including the familiar demonic "Ghost Sonata". With opus 31 Beethoven breaks new ground when he leaves the classical conventions and creating a new musical identity.

Jubilate - music by Fredrik Sixten

Mikaeli Chamber Choir / Frida Jansson, soprano / Patrik Sandin, baritone / Henrik Alinder, organ / Brass ensemble / Anders Eby, conductor

Fredrik Sixten has quickly established himself as one of Sweden's most prominent contemporary composers. His music is performed constantly around the world. On this CD is the renowned Mikaeli Chamber Choir with soloists and musicians performing the music by Sixten.

Sound bites of Sweden

Peder Hofmann, piano / Jan Adefeldt, double bass

The music on this CD is inspired of the exotic archipelago in Stockholm, Sweden. Original music for piano and double bass.


Annika Skoglund, mezzo soprano / Love Derwinger, piano

Annika Skoglund, a prominent Swedish mezzo soprano is also a jazz singer, much in demand for her uniquely expressive voice. Annika has a strong affinity for the songs of Spain, possibly because of the close links between Spanish music and jazz. This CD features works by Montsalvatge, Granados, Guridi and de Falla.

’She sings with controlled heat and an emotional charge that burns under the Andalusian sun.’ 

Anders Bondeman

Anders Bondeman, organ

Anders Bondeman, a legendary Swedish organist,  plays J.S.Bach, Franck, Boëllman, Hambraeus and his own improvisations over the notes B-A-C-H on the splendid organ in St Jacob’s Church, Stockholm.

The recording has received excellent reviews, both for its sound quality and for the superb performance.


Jörgen Lindström, organ

The newly built Åkerman and Lund organ in Sundbyberg Church presented by the concert organist Jörgen Lindström. The music is the one that suits the French-inspired romantic instrument best.

Gunnar de Frumerie

Eva Luthander, piano

In 2008, Sweden celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of its composer, Gunnar de Frumerie, (1908-1987). Here, his niece, Eva Luthander, plays two of his piano works - Circulus Quintus Op. 62 and Dedikationer Op. 80.


Patrik Sandin, baritone / Rolf Lindblom, piano

Patrik Sandin is a sought-after concert and lied singer in Sweden and abroad. Together with the pianist Professor Rolf Lindblom he makes his CD debute with an exciting mix of English romances, Robert Schumann's classic song cycle Dichterliebe and Schubert's first opus, Erlkönig.


Ragnar Bohlin Vocal Ensemble / Johanna Nyström, soprano / Jenny Ohlson, sopran0 / Patrik Sandin, piano / Henrik Alinder, organ / Ragnar Bohlin, conductor

Fredrik Sixten is today probably Sweden’s most performed composer. This recording features his choral works conducted by Ragnar Bohlin, Director of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus.

‘This is Swedish choral music of international class.’

’The sound quality is phenomenal.’  Swedish reviews


Janne Schaffer, electric guitar / Markus Wargh, organ / Rolf Lindblom, piano / Patrik Sandin, baritone / Alexandra Rapaport, reading / Malou Meilink, recorders / Backa Hans Eriksson, bass guitar / Il Flauto dolce / Vokal ensemble  / Davaij

This album includes christmas music in surprising interpretations. For example, how about a christmas potpourri with Balkan swing, or the combination of electric guitar and organ. The album has something for all tastes. The perfect Christmas gift for everyone!

Warum? - music for recreation

Rolf Lindblom, piano

Contains small masterpieces by the great composers such as Brahms, Schumann and Scriabin. Also included are improvisations on Swedish folk songs.

Bach - Inventions and Sinfonias

Rolf Lindblom, piano

The first Swedish recording of Johann Sebastian Bach’s thirty Inventions and Sinfonias performed by the pianist and professor, Rolf Lindblom.

‘His playing is at once both nimble and elegant, the intricate voices and melodic weaving almost playful; the music floats towards us, buoyant and smiling.’

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