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The music on this CD is inspired of the exotic archipelago in Stockholm, Sweden. Original music for piano and double bass.


Peder Hofmann presents his first album with his own compositions. Peder has worked as a freelance musician, conductor and arranger in all sorts of contexts and also worked with educational development, event production and project management in the field of music.


Jan Adefeldt is one of Sweden's most experienced and hired bass player. For over 30 years Jan has been working as a freelance musician with Alice Babs, Monica Zetterlund, Putte Wickman, Charlie Norman and others




Peder Hofmann


1. Möja

2. Lilla Jolpan

3. Svartlöga

4. Angödrommen

5. Gillöga

6. Tistronskär

7. St Nassa

8. Sandhamn

9. Lilla Svedjeholmen

10. Bullerö



Peder Hofmann, piano

Jan Adefeldt, double bass


Total playing time: 39 min.

Recorded in the Concert hall at the Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm 4-6 januari 2010.

Release: 2010-06-21


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