Recording engineer

We are very proud to work with the legendary sound engineer Bertil Alving who has recorded all of our productions.


Bertil Alving is one of Sweden’s most well-known and prolific sound engineers, having made hundreds of recordings, especially of organ works and chamber music, during a long and illustrious career. Many of these recordings have attracted international attention for their superb sound quality - the ‘Alving-sound’ -

that is typically a successful combination of clarity and ambient fidelity.


He has worked with BIS, Caprice Records, Finlandia Records, Naxos, Phono Suecia, Proprius and Swedish Society Discofil and other labels. His recording of  Cantate Domino, a Proprius LP released in 1976, is to this day still considered to be one of the world’s best classical recordings and is frequently used as a reference recording.


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Anmäl dig till vårt nyhetsbrev
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